WWE SummerSlam 2020 Results: Reviewing Top Highlights and Low Points

As one of the 4 most vital pay-according to-views at the WWE calendar, SummerSlam continually has the potential to be a sport-changer for higher or worse.

When it is outstanding, massive suits are worth the hype, new champions are topped, the repute quo is given a refresh and the rest of the 12 months fills with wish. When it's horrific, it may leave a bitter taste and take an extended at the same time as to get back on track.

This year's display had a few exciting factors, consisting of a Loser Leaves WWE match, Dominik Mysterio's debut, numerous titles on the road and extra.

Now that The Biggest Party of the Summer has completed, how did it turn out? Was this a basically amazing PPV, or did the bad outweigh the best? Which segments were the biggest professionals and cons of the night?

It's time to break down and recap the outcomes as well as the highlights and low points of SummerSlam 2020.