Why we don't recommend this familiar brand's VPN?

I ran my velocity exams over the path of three days, in places, the usage of each wi-fi and Ethernet connections -- one area provided slower broadband speeds, and the opposite offered better speeds through fiber-optic internet. Internet speeds within the US range extensively by means of country and issuer. And with any speed test, outcomes are going to depend upon your neighborhood infrastructure, with hyperfast internet provider yielding better check velocity results.

That's one reason I'm extra inquisitive about testing the quantity of pace lost (which for maximum VPNs is usually 1/2 or extra) across each excessive-pace and slower connection sorts, and in the usage of gear like speedtest.Net to even out the playing subject. Overall, Norton's speeds are on par with other midtier VPNs, accomplishing best approximately 43% of the average 187Mbps velocity performed on a 1Gbps-succesful fiber connection for the duration of checking out, at the same time as nonetheless retaining a mean of round 81Mbps globally.