#Vishwakarma Puja 2020,Wednesday, 16 September Lord Vishwakarma, the architect of the universe

Vishwakarma Jayanti is dedicated to Lord Vishwakarma. According to religious stories, Lord Vishwakarma is the divine architect of the universe. Vishwakarma is considered the god of creation and creation.

Lord Vishwakarma has built many cities and buildings in different eras. In Satyayuga, he created the heaven. After this, Lord Vishwakarma built Lanka in Treta Yuga.

It is said that Ravana came up with an idea to build such a city to suit his reputation, before which the alakapuri of the gods also faded. Ravana worshiped Shiva and sought the cooperation of Devshilpi Vishwakarma in making gold Lanka from him. At the behest of Shiva, Vishwakarma created such a form of gold Lanka whose beauty is made by seeing it. In Dwapara Yuga, Lord Vishwakarma built Dwarka. 50 years before the beginning of Kali Yuga, Hastinapur and Indraprastha were built.

There is a religious belief that Vishwakarma built huge idols (Krishna, Subhadra and Balarama) situated in the Jagannath temple of Jagannath Puri.