#Telangana news : Dcm driver mixed with water in whisky and sold like new in Hyderabad

A WhatsApp video that went viral and finally landed in the hands of Excise officials, has blown the lid off a gang that was opening sealed whisky bottles, draining the liquor and filling it up with water before slamming the sealed cap back into place.

While it is yet to be known whether the bottles were later sold off at wine shops or privately to individuals, what is known is that the two persons involved in the scam and the lorry in which they were seen doing the adulteration of liquor have been identified, with the Charminar Excise and Prohibition wing registering a case and launching an investigation.


According to officials, they had received the video on Tuesday through a WhatsApp group, following which an attempt to identify the persons in the video was made. Excise Verification officers soon identified the two as Reddy Poyina Sai, a resident of Ghatkesar and Ram Babu of Rangareddy. The registration details of the truck in which they are seen was also dug up, with the Excise wing now investigating the case.

In the video, Reddy is seen deftly opening sealed Royal Stag whisky bottles without breaking the seal, draining almost half of the liquor into a plastic mineral water bottle, filling it up with water from another bottle and then, slamming the sealed cap back into place before slipping the whisky bottle back into its branded box, kept in a carton along with similarly adulterated bottles