Helicopters ferry injured to safety after 150 trapped by fast-moving Creek Fire in Sierra National F

A highly dangerous wildfire that ignited in Sierra National Forest Friday evening exploded to nearly 36,000 acres, trapped at least 150 people near a Fresno County reservoir and injured dozens of people who were airlifted to Fresno hospitals.

The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is working to get helicopters into Mammoth Pool, where the Madera County Sheriff's Office says about 150 people were trapped Saturday by the Creek Fire.

The Air National Guard has rescued 63 people out of the area, according to an update from the Fresno Fire Department.Fresno Fire says 2 people were severely injured, 10 were moderately injured, and 51 others had either minor or no injuries.

The Madera County Sheriff's Office says that group of 63 was taken to the AVCRAD, an Air National Guard helicopter maintenance base by the Fresno Yosemite International Airport.

From there, paramedics and firefighters took anyone who needed it over to local hospitals.

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