Cyberabad Police and Google both joins hands fight cyber fraud

Cyberabad Police and Google both joins hands fight cyber fraud

Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar on Thursday held a virtual coordination meeting with representatives of Google India Private Limited and discussed cyber frauds taking area on the Google platform.

Sajjanar stated it was determined that fraudsters have been misusing the Google Ad services with the aid of posting faux customer care numbers and misusing the Google view form link services amongst others.

A special discussion was held on deleting objectionable films and content material from YouTube and furnishing of user registration details and IP logs of Gmail, YouTube channels and Google Pay transaction info as nicely.

“We discussed precautions to be taken via the Google technical team to prevent misuse of Google platforms by means of cyber fraudsters and to save you cybercrime as an entire,” Sajjanar said.

The Google crew has spoke back undoubtedly and has given an guarantee to offer information wished for investigations, officials said, including that they'd additionally proactively provide you with tips and answers to issues raised by way of the Cyberabad Police.

Sajjanar additionally recommended appointing a Nodal Officer to be to be had 24X7 on name to reply to regulation enforcement organizations in case of emergencies. It become also decided to have fortnightly meetings to put a take a look at on cyber frauds, officers stated.