‘Blood of Zeus,’ new Netflix series from N.J. brothers, is an epic fit for the gods

Growing up, Vlas and Charley Parlapanides would hear stories about the Greek gods, from their mother and grandmother. The immortal beings in these tales were supernatural, but susceptible to human emotions like anger and jealousy, raging from their perch atop Mount Olympus.

Now the Parlapanides brothers, who grew up in Seaside Park, have created a story of their own steeped in Greek mythology. Called “Blood of Zeus,” the series, which debuts Tuesday on Netflix, is an epic anime saga that stars the gods, mortals and Heron, a man who discovers he is the son of Zeus.

“The Greek gods were the first superheroes for us,” Vlas Parlapanides tells NJ Advance Media. Consider some of the most popular film franchises today, says Charley Parlapanides, who came up with the concept for the show.

“If you really look at what Marvel and DC did, they took the pantheon and they just put costumes on them,” he says.