Bigg Boss Telugu season 4, highlights: Gangavva quit the show; saves Akhil from elimination

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This weekend episode started with Bigg Boss sending a warning to all the contestants about them not following the bb4 house rules. Cleanliness of the house

Monal and Akhil are seen holding hands and talking about who his friends in the house, She shared with him that she feels better when he checks on how she's doing. The housemates performed a promotional task next.

anker Nagarjuna started addressing the contestants with Akhil and Abhijeet and the episode where they dragged Monal into their argument. Nagarjuna later instructed Abhijeet to not invole educational qualifications in order to all contenstent people.

Noel stated that he went tried to apologize to Amma Rajasekhar about the way he nominated him in this week , and the latter defended himself for having dismissed his apology.

Nagarjuna pointed it out to Sohel that his loud demeanor and aggression is looking ugly, and suggested he change his way in the house. He warned Mehboob against using strong language in the house.